Member Roundtable and Settling In

First of all, I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome! I know this is a big change, but you are all making it really easy. That just shows why I was so excited to join CFKW. The AWESOME people! To that end, we’d like to hear what you have to say about… anything. This Sunday, Jeff will host an open gym from 12-2, followed by a casual roundtable discussion. Feel free to stop by and give us some feedback about the gym. Whether you think we need more burpees or that all of the coaches should wear velour uniforms, we want your input. Unfortunately, I will be in Columbia, MO for the MS 150, but Jeff will be around.

Speaking of Jeff, he found some time to do a little bio. Check it out here!

Monday’s workout was Partner DT:

5 Rounds

24 Deadlifts 155/95

18 Hang Power Cleans

12 Shoulder to Overhead

I LOVE partner workouts! I always push just a little bit harder, and it’s great to share the misery fun with a friend. Lots of high quality movement from the Labor Day crews.


Between this class and the Wednesday morning classes, I’m slowly learning who all of you are. But I have to admit something – I am TERRIBLE with names! I need some incentive. So, here’s what we will do. If I forget your name, you have to totally bust me on it, and I will do 5 burpees. If I forget it again, it’s 10. Then 20. And 40. Yikes. I’m already regretting this deal.

Lastly, I just wanted to share the following poster with you from Dr. Klaus Bertonietz, a doctor who spent years studying the mechanics of weightlifting. If you like to geek out on science-y stuff like I do, check out this link.

Weightlifting-Technique-Poster-CleanA couple things of note here:

1. In the first three frames, the lifter’s shoulders stay in front of the bar. This will help you move your knees out of the bar’s way, rather than moving the bar around your knees. In addition, this makes for a more natural transition to the second pull.

2. The transition from the third from to the fourth says, “no rising of the buttocks (parallel back shift).” First of all, “buttocks”? This must not be a recent poster. Anyway, this transition allows us to accelerate the bar up with the hips and legs rather than the low back. Super important for safety and power.

3. “Arms remain straight.” The power in the clean comes from the hips and the legs. With few exceptions, most athletes will lose a substantial amount of power by bending their arms too soon.

Cleans will be our Thursday skill for the month of September. Keep these things in mind, and you’ll definitely see improvement!


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