Handstand Pushups and My 9am Visit

Yesterday, I got a chance to stop by and hang out with the 9 am class. Five awesome ladies, led by Meg (clearly the awesomest lady). At one point, Val asked, “Neil, do you feel like you’re in the ladies’ locker room?”

Um… not until just now. Awwwwwwkward…

Awesome class, though. Most women would balk at the prospect of 100 hand release pushups, but everyone just put their head down and SMOKED that workout!! Great job!

noel walkThis month, we’ll be focusing on handstand pushups on Saturdays. Handstand pushups require strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Not to mention the fair amount of fearlessness needed to throw yourself upside down.

Like any other movement, we can scale the HSPU. If fear is the biggest problem work on headstands against the wall or a pike position on the side of a box.

If you struggle with pushups, work on your mechanics to potentially make progress in your pushing prowess.

If you can already do a strict HSPU, improve your efficiency.

Keep at it, and maybe this will be you some day!



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