Homework and Saturday’s WOD

Time for a little homework. I know, I know. You thought your time for homework was past. You thought the only homework you had to worry about was your kids’ math assignments. Exuding pure confidence while thinking, “What is a prime number again…?” But this is good homework. Good for two reasons:

1. It will make you a better, healthier athlete.

2. You get to drink a glass of wine while doing it!! (or sparkling grape juice, if you prefer)

Here it is. The 10 minute squat test:

Taking a quick step back, if you don’t follow Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD, you should. Best thing you’ll ever do for your health and athleticism. Every 30 days, Kelly prescribes a 10 minute squat test. This is meant to be done all at once, but you can come out and stretch if you need to. Doing this on a regular basis will increase your ankle and hip flexibility, minimizing stress on your knees. See the video below for a more in depth explanation of this test.

Click here for Saturday’s WOD.

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