Dan the Man

Turns out that Dan is a little shy. He was surprised last week when everyone kept telling him that he was on Facebook. Just me pointing out the awesome snatch day he had. Unfortunately for Dan, he just keeps doing awesome things.

Today, we ran a mile for time.

Neil: Ok everyone, check your packet to see what your last mile PR was.

Dan: I don’t think I’ve ever run a mile, except during Murph.

Neil: Well, you seem pretty fast. I bet you can hold a 6:40 or faster.

Dan: Yikes… I guess we’ll see.

Five minutes and thirty seconds later, Dan crossed the finish line. 5:30!!!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Dan got to add his name to the sub 6:00 minute mile club. Congrats!!

photo(1) Not to be out done, Lynn and Jake also PR’ed their miles! Great job morning crew! Can’t wait to hear how the night class did!!

Click here for Thursday’s WOD.

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