Coach Roderick Noel Holloway

Here is a great post from Meg!!!

Hey, hey!
Our favorite Fatty (Coach Roderick Noel Holloway…and, yes, he’ll answer to any of those proper nouns.  Take your pick:  Fatty.  Roderick.  Noel.  Holloway.  Not to confuse anyone, but it’s totally true).
Anyhooo- Noel has made significant gains as of late with his competitive CrossFit training, and I must share!  For the newer CFKW members, Noel ever-so-impressively earned a spot to the 2014 North Central Regionals for the CF Games after having only been CrossFitting for one year.  He is gunning to make it back and place on the podium at Regionals in 2015, which will win him a spot to the CF Games next July!
Whoop it up for making solid progress!
Check this out!
– 360lb front squat
– 330lb squat clean
– 320lb clean and jerk
– 355lb behind-the-neck jerk (Side note- he’s lucky his front squat eeked out ahead of his jerk by 5lbs or Meg would have boxed his ears…)
– 225lb hang power snatch
1:32 for 100 perfect push ups for time
– 45 unbroken strict ring dips
– 114 DU’s in a minute (DU’s have been his nemesis since day one!)
– And, last but not least!  Success with TRIPLE UNDERS!  Starting to string these guys together!
Congrats to you, Fatty!

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