The Week in Review and Saturday’s WOD

The Monday class tackled a tough chipper from the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.  Jumping over the bar doesn’t seem like it should be so hard, right? Definitely adds a spicy twist to this one. LT and Dayne both hit muscle ups, and lots of people made it deep into the OHS! Nice work, crew!

We also retested our 1 RM Front Squat on Monday. How did we do? Check it out for yourself!


20 PRs!!!! (Christian’s 260 did not quite make the pic). Awesome job, everyone!

And then, Tuesday happened…


This was a KILLER EMOM!! The am classes tackled this head on, and the 9 am and evening made this a fun AMRAP. This workout was a good reminder that scaling is always an option. Just because the prescription is 50 unbroken double unders doesn’t mean that 30 broken double unders will get you thrown in CrossFit jail (where there are only burpees). More on scaling coming soon… Here are some more pics from Tuesday’s class:



Here’s a pic from the Wednesday AM crew. Awesome job from these folks! The guys all hit PR strict press, and Deb hit a nice 80lb press. Good job all!


Friday Night Fights is one week away!! Whether you are Rx or Scaled, you still have the chance to win the pot! Everyone will throw in $10 and the team with the highest score wins half the money and gets to choose a charity to receive the other half!

As an added bonus, this class will not count against your punch cards or weekly visits. Stick around after for some BBQ and fun!

Click here for Saturday’s WOD.

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