Paleo Challenge Prep and Friday Night Fights!

Well, we are one week out from the start of our Whole 30 Challenge! Stay tuned this week for tips, tricks, and exciting news about the challenge.

But today, it’s time to start preparing! Check out this article about preparing for your Whole 30. Number 1 on the list is:

1. Get rid of the junk.

So, that is your goal this week.  Now, let me be clear. That does not mean that you are allowed to eat all of the cookies in your cabinet so they don’t go to waste. Throw them away!!! Get rid of all that junk! BUT you can finish off some of the less unhealthy foods that just so happen to not be Whole 30 approve. Like the salsa with some added sugar. Or the hummus in your fridge. Set yourself up for success and fill your pantry with Whole 30 approved foods. Need a quick guide on what foods to buy? We’ve got you covered! Here is a shopping list from Whole 9 (creators of Whole 30). Clearly, this is not an all inclusive list. Just a good guideline.

Friday Night Fights

Don’t forget that this week is Friday Night Fights!!! Did you hear the awesome news? CrossFit Kirkwood will be MATCHING the charitable donation! How cool is that?!?! We will randomly partner people up, so ANYONE has a chance to win! All you have to do is sign up on Mindbody, bring $10, and crush an awesome workout! As a reminder, this will NOT count towards your punch card or weekly visits. See you there!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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