Lifting with Mike

The astute observer will notice a new class on our schedule. Friday mornings at 7:30, we have added Lifting with Mike!!

So, what exactly is Lifting with Mike? Do we just come in and free our arms from the evil social confines of sleeves? Are we installing mirrors to properly execute the bicep curl? No. Well, maybe. But that’s not the point. Lifting with Mike is an hour to focus on strength. In Mike’s words;

I would like the class to be taken seriously as kind of an open gym for improving strength. So, if someone needs to build strength in their lats, I would create a workout targeted toward improving lat strength. If someone else in the class is struggling with push-ups, I would have them do a totally different workout. If someone else just wants to get a pump, I will have a workout planned to get them “swole”.

Just like all of our classes, this is designed to target your weakness. Do you think a little more bicep strength would hurt your pullups? Would stronger triceps help or hurt your strict press? How would having a stronger chest affect your burpees? Clearly, all of these things would improve.

Try out this new class and see how it can improve your fitness.

Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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