Diet Starts on Monday

Friday Night Fights

First of all, I have to say that Friday Night Fights was a HUGE success!!! Tons of people came out, attacked FGB, and had all sorts of fun. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome event. Once I get a chance to go through all my pictures, I’ll post the proof of the awesomeness. Until then, here is what Patrick had to say about the night:

Thank you to everyone that attend and made our First Annual Friday Night Fights Event a success. Thank you to my co-competition chair John Engelmohr for first throwing out  the idea of putting together an event such as this and taking care of all of the food and after hours entertainment. Thanks to all the trainers for helping coordinate and coach everyone through the workout. And a big thank you to Jeff and Neil for being open to our running with this idea.

There was great energy and  effort by everyone all evening long and best of all it all – it went to a great cause! We didn’t make a formal presentation but our winning team of the evening was Emma, Christian (Tommy Boy) and Lynne. (we averaged Lynne and Emma’s reps for scoring purposes) Special shout out to Lynne as this was her first time working out with us at CFKW in a group setting! 

As a result of their great work and for all of you participating, a check for $500!!! was made out to Safe Connections. An organization in St Louis dedicated to preventing and putting an end domestic violence. You can find information about their organization at

Way to go to CFKW! and thank you to all that participated and helped to make the evening a great success for a great cause. See you all soon.


Awesome job, everyone!!!

Diet Starts on Monday

As you know, today is the kickoff for our Whole 30 Challenge!!! Maren was nice enough to post a sign up on the board at the gym (her handwriting is like a million times better than mine). So far, a few people are signed up, but I know more of you are in on this. Sign up next time you’re in!! Even if you plan to start a little bit late, I want to see names on that board!!

Which leaves us with the business at hand. Day #1 of 30. It can be daunting. Probably a lot like the moment before Fight Gone Bad. But you can get through it. You are prepared and determined. It’s only 30 days. You CAN do this!!!

Here is a brief excerpt from an article I wrote, once upon a time:

Monday has gotten a bad rap. It signals the end of the weekend. When life is free and anything is possible. You sleep as late as you want and throw caution to the wind. Weekends mean jeans and parties. Mondays mean business casual and 8 hour work days. Yeah. Mondays are a bummer.

BUT… there is also something hopeful about Mondays. Mondays signal a new beginning. A clean slate. Whatever happened last week doesn’t matter. It all starts now. We’ve all been there. It’s Friday night. You have a beer in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other. And what do you tell people? Diet starts on Monday. Most people frown on this type of procrastination, but I’m more optimistic. I believe you can do it. I believe that you will gorge yourself on pizza and beer and feel terrible. I believe you will remember that feeling on Monday and eat better. I believe that you will have 5 days of momentum going into the next Friday and you will be able to resist temptation. I don’t care how many times you’ve fallen off the Monday health wagon in the past. This time is going to be different. This time, it’s going to stick.

And that’s how you have to think. Just a little momentum at a time. It will build and build, and the 30 days will fly by.

To get you started, I present to you my all time favorite Whole 30 meal. Slow Cooker Kalua Pig from Nom Nom Paleo. First of all, you need to follow Nom Nom Paleo. She has a plethora of awesome, simple paleo meals. Then, give this one a try. I make substitutions based on the spices in my cabinet, but it always comes out awesome. I usually make a 4-6 lb roast and have plenty left over for the week. Give it a try, and thank me later!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.



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