Another Great Week!

Well, it was another GREAT week at CrossFit Kirkwood! No, really. It was a GREAT week! Besides some tough workouts, big things are happening around CFKW!

I just got home from an intro with three new athletes. Good movers and great attitudes. Super excited for them to join the family! Before that, I had the pleasure of coaching the Olympic weightlifting class – during which, Jen N and Peter both PRed their snatch and Matt tied his PR twice!!! Whether your PR is 5 lbs or 500 lbs, the Olympic Weightlifting class will help you sharpen your skills!

Not impressed? How about a TON of awesome performances on The Chief? My favorite was watching Patrick and Christian go head to head. Experience vs. ROM. Both crushed it!

IMG_1059 IMG_1057


Friday was the second “Lifting with Mike” session, and three curious souls drifted in. Deb, Bill, and Kevin joined in the fun, and I’ve heard GREAT reviews. How many bicep curls were performed? ZERO. What?!?! Guess you’ll have to try it out to see what the buzz is all about. IMG_1052

Thursday was even more awesome! After less than a week of Whole 30, Sarah W is already looking and FEELING more fit! She proved it by hitting her goal of 10 Double Unders!!! Congrats, Sarah! Keep up the awesome work!

IMG_0985 IMG_0994
The Thursday classes also tackled a TOUCH couplet of mid-weight deadlifts and burpee box jumps. This was Sarah J’s first class! Check out the 9 am class showin’ her some love!

And, of course, there was the very innocent looking power snatch/air squat couplet on Wednesday. A sub-10 minute effort with relatively light weight? No problem, right? Holy smoked quads, though, right?!?! This was a sneaky one, for sure. Great job, team!IMG_0920

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.


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