Try Something New

Last week, one of our most attended classes was… Yoga with Carrie Tallon!!! Still haven’t tried it yet? DO IT!! This is a super friendly environment where you will absolutely improve your fitness. Why should you do yoga? Check out this article from the Tabata Times for 10 good reasons.

How about the Olympic Weightlifting class? Even if you have no interest in lifting heavy weights, you will find that improving your technique will make you a better CrossFitter. We are gradually getting more and more people in this class, and they are seeing some great results!

Don’t forget about the Competitors Class, Endurance Class, Gymnastics Class, and Lifting with Mike!! We offer all of these amazing classes, staffed by experts in each respective area, so you can become a more well rounded athlete.

Do yourself a favor and try one this week. One of my favorite signs at the gym is the one hanging above the stereo. “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Give it a shot!


Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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