HOA Recap

Amazing weekend at HOA 6!!! Our crew did an awesome job – definitely made us all proud!

First of all, thanks for everyone who drove down just to hang out and cheer our team on – Tami, Darci, and Noel were a GREAT support! I’m probably forgetting some peeps – I was a little disoriented after doing some of those workouts.

Some highlights from the weekend:

Everyone made some impressive lifts. After missing her second attempt, Maren easily made her third try at a max thruster. Even with a slightly injured back, Jeff managed to power clean and jerk an impressive weight!! 250? 255? Something like that. BIG power clean. Super strong.

When we moved on to burpee box overs, Brett looked right at home. No need to touch the box, he just leapt clean over! Awesome to watch.

Maren stepped up her game and hit some HEAVY thrusters. Nine of them at 95 lbs!!!! Wowza!

John and Brooke did a great job on a TOUGH workout with DB presses, heavy hang cleans, and box jumps. Definitely a grip taxing workout, but that made it look easy.

Brett and Jeff SMOKED some heavy goblet squats, while the other held an axle overhead. That’s a pretty long way to squat with a 70 lb KB…

LT moved so fast all weekend, that all of my pictures of her came out as just a blur. Super fast and even more efficient.

Everyone looked awesome on the final workout. The strongman implements were super fun, and they showed an awesome level of teamwork.

Overall, an INCREDIBLE weekend. Thanks to Brooke, LT, Maren, Brett, Jeff, and John for representing CrossFit Kirkwood so well.

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.


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