Whole 30 Update

I got an EXCELLENT Whole 30 Update from John Joe! Sounds like he is going strong. Keep up the good work!

Whole 30 is cruising along now. I’m in the middle of day 17 now and still going strong.  As long as I can lay off the sauce tonight I will have gotten further this time than my previous Whole 30 quest.  On day 17 of my previous attempt I was beckoned to the point of breaking by nice weather, a bottle of wine, and a temptress named Crystal (that’s right, I’m gonna blame the now-pregnant girl for my failure).
This time though, I’ve got my eyes on the prize!  The first five days were tough, but things have gotten a considerably easier now.  I’ve gotten into a good routine and cravings still come, but are easier to overcome.  I am starting to get really sick and tired of eggs every morning, but that seems like a small price to pay for the increased energy and improved mood!
Thirteen more days, full speed ahead!

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