Review Time

Once again, it has been QUITE a while since we took a look at what’s going on, so here we go!!!

Just before Halloween, we tackled two very intimidating feats in one day. A max snatch and WTF?!?! Some very impressive snatch PRs and some great efforts towards this workout with a TON of thrusters!


IMG_0170Then, we did something a little out of the ordinary. We hit a nice, long chipper on a Thursday. Say WHAT!?! Lots of surprised peeps when this one showed up, but it sounds like people loved it!

Last week, we started with a 1 RM back squat. Lots of PRs!!!

IMG_0393And what better way to follow up a max back squat than a nice little workout?

Tuesday brought the return of the bench press. An excellent strength builder to round out our back squats and deadlifts. It also reminds me of a hilarious SNL sketch!

We also got to hit a fun combo of C2B pullups, push press, and box jumps.

Some cool stuff going on last Tuesday, including:

IMG_0470Scott and Todd’s first class!! Looking sharp, guys! Also, the ladies were looking FEROCIOUS!!!!

IMG_0490 IMG_0512 IMG_0418 IMG_0538Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

Not to be outdone, Trista made her first appearance on Wednesday for a combo endurance workout and CrossFit burner.


And then, there was Thursday’s WOD. Admit it. You underestimated this one.

50 Yard Sled Push 135/90

100 Yard Sprint

50 Yard Sled Push

Repeat up to 4 times.

That’s it? Yeah. This one was ROUGH!! One of my favorite workouts of all time. Great job tackling this one, team!!

IMG_0647 IMG_0636 IMG_0620


And lastly, a couple of party pics from Saturday’s WOD. Another tricky one! (Seeing a trend?) 50 strict press turned out to be pretty darn tough!! Great job guys!

IMG_0650 IMG_0652Well, that does it for this wrap up!! Let’s see if I can keep up a little better next time! Keep up the great work team!

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.

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