Sarah’s Whole 30 Wrapup

Most of you know Sarah Waring. She isn’t the loudest person in the gym, but she works her butt off!! Here, she’s sandwiched between Brooke and Rachel.

IMG_0652When we started talking about Whole 30, she decided to take the plunge. Thirty days later, she is looking GREAT!!! Based on her write up, she is also feeling great! Very powerful stuff. So, without further ado… I give you Sarah Waring’s Whole 30 Wrapup.

After I decided to do Whole30 I coerced a friend into trying it, too. She has pretty severe allergies and had been talking about eliminating gluten and added sugar to see if that would help with some of her issues.

Thank goodness she was along for this ride because the first week was hard. I kept wondering why I wrote my name on the board – now people will know if I quit! Day 2, I was in a co-workers office and the Starburst on her desk kept staring at me, not to mention I have been working here since August and haven’t touched a starburst, but that day I was drawn to them.

Once, I got over candy staring at me and asking me to eat it I was ok, until the weekend. I typically eat pretty healthy during the week because it’s easier. I pack my lunch. I eat it. I move on. But the weekends are when we go out with friends or family and I’ll indulge a little, or at least for one meal get something a little more convenient. There is nothing convenient about Whole30, which hit me harder than it should have. I had to work for every meal and peel every last sweet potato and grocery trips took longer because you have to read EVERYTHING on the label. Once I made it through the weekend and realized I felt better instead of feeling gross from eating something I shouldn’t have, I felt good about week 2, I made it 7 days, I could go 23 more. Around day 11 or 12 I was yet again struggling, but feeling a bit better, I didn’t want to quit as much as I did on day 2, but I had to rely on my friend and know at least we were suffering together, and I can’t quit because I convinced her to do this!

I realized some of my struggle came from not eating quite enough, especially with the crazy WODs we have on any given day. Once I fixed that, I started feeling better and sleeping better, and I was content to move through my full 30 days. On the subject of sleeping, WOW, I wasn’t a bad sleeper and I could fall asleep pretty well, but it’s like my body knew it’s time for bed and it’s time to wake up.

It was also so motivating that people at Crossfit were noticing how good I was looking and I was feeling great! I love that after the 30 days I don’t crave crap, my fiancée mentioned getting Dominos and even a month ago I would have said let’s order it now, but I scrunched up my nose and the thought of putting all that crap in my body when I worked so hard to get it out was almost unnerving. I am happy to say after 30 days, foods that have always had a hold on me no longer do. I don’t have cravings like I used to, and I truly feel more balanced emotionally as well. I feel great and I think I’m looking pretty good too! Having a friend to text and complain to and knowing people at Crossfit wouldn’t think I was completely crazy helped me get through those 30 days.

AMAZING JOB, SARAH!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’d LOVE to hear from more people who tackled Whole 30! Let me know where you succeed and where you fell down. So proud of everyone who even put their name on the board.

Click here for Saturday’s WOD.


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