Martha’s Whole 30 Wrap Up

As more and more people finish their Whole 30, I’ve been asking how things went. I LOVE the awesome results that Sarah got!! Pretty typical for someone’s first time doing Whole 30. However, I know that the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Whole 30 aren’t always as exciting. What is important is that you use it as a reset. A reminder that eating high quality foods will make you look and feel better. Even if you don’t make it 100% the whole way, there is still a TON of value in that. Here’s a great summary from Martha Mac!

I wouldn’t call my Whole30 this go-round a resounding success from the absolute adherence perspective. But it totally served its purpose. When I was recovering from my surgeries and couldn’t do anything remotely strenuous, I also slowly started straying from the paleo path I’d been on for about five years. In the past, when I’d head down the slippery slope of waffle breakfasts and cupcake shenanigans, I had used the Whole30 to get me back on track, and so that’s why I put my name on the board. And with the exception of a very few glasses of wine along the way, I stayed true to the principle. Lost some weight, recalibrated my taste buds and reminded myself that eating clean serves me better. Thanks for getting me back on board.

Awesome job, Martha!!

Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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