Welcome to December

Happy December, CrossFit Kirkwood!

This month, we will add a new skill on Tuesdays. We will be working on a GYMNASTICS GOAL and Double Unders. So, what do we mean when we talk about a gymnastics goal? Excellent question! Basically, we are looking for any body weight movement that you want to get better at. Here are some examples:

– Strict Pullup (<– an EXCELLENT choice!)

– Kipping Pullup

– Butterfly Pullups

– 10 Strict Pullups

– Ring Dip

– Push Up

– Muscle Up

– Bar Muscle Up

– Handstand

– Handstand Push Up

– Freestanding Handstand

– Handstand Walk

– Roll to Candlestick

Back Lever

Iron Cross

As you can see, there are PLENTY of options to choose from!! In fact, I’m probably just reminding you of a goal you’ve had in the past. But, the important this is that you pick one. Something that you can get excited about! Something that will make you do a little dance when you achieve it. Then, we will spend a month working on it. If you’re not sure of how to get to your goal, ask a trainer and we’ll give you some work to do. ALSO, it would probably (definitely) behoove you to drop in on the Gymnastics Class on Saturday morning. We are incredibly fortunate to have some of the best gymnastics instructors in the area at CrossFit Kirkwood. Let them help you meet your goal.

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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