The 314 Invitational

Once again, we have been invited to The 314 Invitational!!! (I know a guy on the inside.) This is a one day team competition at CrossFit 314. Last year, we sent several teams, and they had an AWESOME time!

This year, there will be 6 person teams (3 men and 3 women), and there will be scaled and Rx divisions. My favorite part about this competition is that teams in the scaled division are allowed to scale weight, reps, or movements as necessary – just like a regular CrossFit class. That means that ANYONE can participate.

Here are the details:

What: 6 person team competition

When: January 24th, 2015

Where: CrossFit 314

Registration opens on December 19th, so get your teams together fast!!! If you need help forming a team, shoot an email to

Click here for Saturday’s WOD.

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