CFKW News!!

Happy Monday, folks!!! Correction – Happy first Monday of the year!!! Call my crazy, but I think there is something special about Mondays. When people say, “Diet starts on Monday,” I tend to believe they mean it. And the first Monday of the year?!?! Fuggedaboutit! New year. New Monday. New perspective. New goals. New… all kinds of things!!

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about my goals. I mean the ones besides squatting more than Noel and making fun of Brett. One of those goals is to get you more awesome stuff and faster. So… we now have an Instagram account!!! This means you’ll be able to see more party pics faster! The stream will be on the right side of that website’s homepage, or you can follow us @CrossFit_Kirkwood.

What other goals do I have? Pretty much the same as last year. I want to make everyone as strong and as fit as possible. To that end, here are the skills we will be starting this week:

Mondays – Split Squats. What the heck is a split squat? It’s kind of like a barbell lunge. But it will help us focus on single leg strength and mobility. One leg slightly stronger than the other? This will help even you out! We will start light with the goal of maintaining control. As we amp up the weight, you will see some awesome strength gains.

Tuesdays – Double Kettlebell Clean and Press. What the what? Yep. Two kettlebells. Clean and press. Again, we attack the weaker side by making it work on it’s own. And these complexes are TOUGH. I was gasping for air as I demo’ed these. Great for hip and shoulder strength.

Wednesdays – Turkish Getup. Unparalleled in shoulder mobility and core recruitment. Master this move and you will become a much better athlete.

Thursdays – Front Squats. I have a love/hate relationship with front squats. But if I want to stand up with a heavy clean, I know I need to work on them. Focus on nailing the form here. Make sure your torso is upright and your elbows are up.

What else? Oh yeah. Don’t forget that we have some AMAZING gymnastics coaches and an AWESOME yoga instructor. Either class will be the most beneficial hour of your week. Try it this week. Because it’s a new year. Or whatever. Just try it! You won’t be sorry!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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