Dropping Some Knowledge

I came across this great article in Breaking Muscle, which is actually a summary of a few other articles. I’m not a fan of demonizing running, but the point is just that high intensity interval training (like CrossFit) is more effective for fat loss. Running, even at low intensities, can be an excellent addition to the intense workouts we do.

But I love the nutrition piece. Turns out that high-fat/low-carb almost always beats low-fat diets. (As if we didn’t know.)

Also, I heard this awesome story on NPR yesterday. (Yes. I listen to NPR. I love it. Don’t judge.) This story talked about intermittent fasting – something I’ve always been interested in. I used to do a 36 hour fast every week from Sunday night to Tuesday morning. Why? For me, it just gave me a weekly reset. I always took it easy on Mondays, so it was a built in recovery day. More than that, I FELT better throughout the week, and it wasn’t even that tough. Just listening to this got me thinking that I may give intermittent fasting another go. Check out the interview and see if it interests you.

Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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