The Concrete Spheres

So, it turns out that some people thought I was kidding about the spheres of concrete for Saturday’s WOD. Nope. We had atlas stones in the house!

The stones highlight one of the things that I LOVE about CrossFit. It makes us FUNCTIONALLY fit. Meaning we can use our fitness in the real world. Even though we usually train with barbells and kettlebells, we can still pick up heavy sh*t stuff. As an added benefit, it makes you look like a super nice and helpful person. Here are situations where people think I’m being nice, but I’m really just testing my fitness:

  1. When I help people move. Sure, it’s a nice thing. But you know I have the clock running as I pick up that couch by myself and run it up to your fourth floor apartment – totally ignoring the freight elevator as you hold the door open.
  2. When I help push someone’s car. Car broken down? I’ll be there in a jiffy to help you push it to the nearest mechanic. I’ll just be a few minutes, because I have to stop by the gym to pick up a weight vest.
  3. When I carry all 14 bags of groceries into my house in a single trip. I give myself extra points if I can overhead lunge my way over the threshold.

But the point is that things in life are not often loaded onto a barbell. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it so much, and you can count on more stuff like that in the future!!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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