We have had an AMAZING weekend!!! Saturday was the 314 Invitational – a competition that I work for months to help put on. I was so thrilled to have a CrossFit Kirkwood team there. All day, I had people come up to tell me how nice our team was or how hard they worked. They definitely represented the CrossFit Kirkwood community. I will post pics as soon as I get them from the even photographer!!! Next time you see John Joe, Dale, Riggs, Amanda, Jess, or Maria, give them a pat on the back and congratulate them on a job well down!

If you are bummed that you missed out, you are in luck! There are a handful of competitions next weekend, too!! At 314, we’re hosting an Olympic lifting meet on Saturday and a powerlifting meet on Sunday. AND, CrossFit St. Louis is hosting a partner competition on Sunday! Plenty of opportunity for everyone to play. Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll get you signed up!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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