Impressive Women – The Birthday Edition

As I was perusing Facebook, I noticed that two awesome CrossFit Kirkwoodians have birthdays this week!

The incomparable Darci!

(Darci always hides when I get the camera out, so I had to sneak this picture)


Every Wednesday morning, I stumble into the gym at 5:27, and I down as much coffee as I can just so I can keep up with Darci’s sharp wit (and so I can block some of the punches she will inevitably send my way). She is one of the hardest workers in the gym. Even an injury couldn’t derail her – it just made her more determined than ever. I am completely inspired by her work ethic and determination to improve. If you’re ever looking for her, she is probably a.) hiding in the corner to not draw attention to herself, and b.) winning the workout.

And then there is Trista Jensen. A newer CrossFitter, Trista is picking up movements very quickly. If she doesn’t understand a movement, she asks for clarification, and once she’s knows, you can’t slow her down. Give this girl a little time, and she’ll definitely be a competitor.


Happy Birthday to these two awesome ladies! Keep up the great work!

Click here for Thursday’s WOD.

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