The 2015 CrossFit Games Open

In 2011, The CrossFit Games added a new qualifying stage. The CrossFit Games Open. For the first time, anyone in the world could compete in the CrossFit Games from their own affiliate. As an avid CrossFitter, I threw my hat into the ring. After 6 weeks of misery fun, I finished in 256th place out of a little over 600 in our region. I remember thinking 155lb deadlifts were pretty heavy and hand release pushups were crazy hard. There were also 165lb clean and jerks, which was just barely under my max at the time. It was a humbling experience, but showed me where my weaknesses were.

In 2012, the very first event was 7 minutes of burpees. Boom. Right up my alley. I managed to get 115 reps, just 46 reps shy of the leader (barely missed 1st place). I later got hammered by heavy snatches and 150 stupid wall balls. I finished 360th out of about 1800.

I fell a few spots in 2013 to 396th, but the field got much tougher with over 4000 competitors in our region. One major thing held me back. And it was completely my fault. After doing terrible on the wall balls in 2012, I basically avoided them all year and ended up with a similar result when the exact same workout came up in 2013. Wah wah. None the less, I was stoked to be moving up in percentile.

Last year was my favorite of all. I competed closely with a few buddies and I attacked workouts in a smart and calculated way. I beat better athletes because I had a better strategy. It was a thrill, for sure.

So, the question is, “Why should I pay $20 and sign up? Can’t I just do the workouts on my own?” Of course you can. In fact, we’ll be doing them as a group on Saturdays. But if you don’t sign up, it will just be another WOD. One of hundreds you do each year. If you choose to sign up, you are choosing to put your name on the biggest whiteboard in the world. You will have a judge holding you to movement standards and counting your reps. You will push just a little bit harder. And it will be an experience you remember. Give it a shot. It’s the cheapest 5 weeks of entertainment you can buy.

Click here for Monday’s WOD.


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