Start Your Day With Salt and Lime Juice?

You’re skeptical. That’s natural. I was skeptical, too. I always am when I come across stuff like this. Because I know there is no magic elixir or short cut. There is only hard work. BUT… I also know that our bodies are incredibly complex machines – a constant flow of chemical reactions, so much so that it can be overwhelming (years ago, I learned about ATP production and action potentials triggering muscle contraction and it nearly fried my brain). So, I can appreciate the fact that improving our body chemistry could have a profound effect. That being said:

About a month ago, I saw this article on Charles Poliquin’s blog. It is a short and awesome read, but if you refuse, I will give you the highlights. First thing in the morning, drink a glass of water with colored salt and a shot of lime juice. This is supposed to optimize your cortisol levels and balance your body’s pH, resulting in better sleep, improved digestion, and less body fat.

Last week, I decided I would give this a try. So, I bought some pink himalayan salt and lime juice, mixed them up with water, and convinced Amie to try it with me. Little did I know that across town one of my friends was doing the same thing! And the results? I have to say that it works. All of us report improved digestion and wakefulness. We aren’t reaching for coffee like we normally do. It’s kind of amazing. Amie even came across this article touting the wonders of pink salt.

Now, this could be a psychosomatic thing. I get that. BUT, it is incredibly cheap, and super easy. I am officially recommending you try this. I wish I had some more data for you, but I just can’t find it. All I know is that I plan to start my day this way for the foreseeable future. If any of you see similar results, then congrats to us!

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.

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