Impressive Women: Melinda Brown

This week, you probably got some awesome news about our very own Melinda Brown! Besides bringing the amazing John Joe into the world, she is also a finalist in a national Character Lab grant competition: the winners get a $10,000 grant to develop their curriculum and evaluate its effectiveness. Here’s what Melinda has to say about it:


The students in my high school culinary classes will sharpen their creative powers along with their knives and cooking skills by preparing creative, attention-getting food demonstrations to benefit themselves while serving nutritional needs across the life cycle of our friends in the community. The students will develop original recipes designed to be nutritious and delicious for a specific age group. The students will put on cooking demonstrations that will be taped by our school’s media classes. Demonstration videos will be distributed to pre-schools, elementary schools, and seniors centers. The complete package of the “Nutritional Needs Across the Life Cycle” videos will be translated by ELL students into Bosnian and Vietnamese. All videos will be delivered to a local Food Pantry. To share our product with the world, these videos will be available on YouTube.

Sounds pretty awesome! Click here to vote for Melinda!

Click here for Thursday’s WOD.


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