Yard Sale!!

Katie LeGrand is gearing up for her 4th annual yard sale! This year, 100% of the proceeds will go to Mosaic Services, a great local organization.

It looks like this yard sale is a BLAST!! Check out some pics from previous year.

Here are some details from Katie:

Hello CF community:

Spring fever?….perfect time to clean out the closets! We are welcoming all your treasures for this year’s annual CFKW Community Yard Sale for Charity on Saturday, May 9. All proceeds go to Mosaic Services (www.mosaicmrh.org). Please price items and drop them off at our house (415 N Taylor), beginning on Wednesday, May 6th.
Come partake in the fun: volunteer to help on sale day, loan equipment to use for sale day, and/or donate items for the sale. Sign up on SignUpGenius for CFKW Community Yard Sale for Charity. My kids are excited to bring out the lemonade/ snack station again this year….so bring your families to the sale.
Thanks for your donations. In the past 3 years we’ve raised b/w $1400 and $2300 for charity at this sale. Come join us this year and let’s make it even bigger! Please email me kate@kateandjoe.com or call 314-749-5314 with any questions or ideas.
I’m asking all who partake, to price their items prior to delivering them to me. Please use a sticker to price items you wish to donate. On pricing, when in doubt, always go lower. We just want stuff to go and want people to feel like they are getting some great deals. See the pricing list for some items below. No need to mark books, stuffed animals, games, dvds, clothing, linens, picture frames….unless you’d like to ask more than the prices below.
  • $0.50 – Hardback
  • $0.25 – Paperback

Stuffed Animals

  • $0.50

Games and DVDs

  • $1.00

Unmarked Clothing and Linens

  • $0.50/piece

Picture Frames

  • $0.50


For tips on pricing other items, see the links below:
  • Vietnam Veterans will come by after the sale to collect what is left.

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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