Noel News – Part 1

There is SO much going on in the world of Noel, that I couldn’t fit it into one post! Today, we will talk about some pretty awesome Noel News. Noel is now a professional athlete!! That’s right. Last week he was drafted to the Miami Surge Grid team. He will compete for Coach Doug Chapman, alongside Lauren Brooks, Willis McGahee, Nick Urankar, and many others. This team has been looking for a gymnastics specialist, and they definitely found their man.

The question is, what is Grid? My answer – it is freaking EXCITING!! It is functional fitness performed by top athletes at a ridiculous pace. There are weighted deficit handstand pushups, legless rope climbs, and weighted overhead pistols. Two teams go head to head in 11 races per match. Strategy is just as important as fitness making Grid a coach’s dream. Here’s one race from last year’s final. Scroll to 11:00 for the final race.

Check out the entire championship match on the Grid website. We are super proud of Noel for being drafted, and we can’t wait to watch him help his team to victory!

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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