Noel News – Part 2

So, what could be more exciting than Noel being drafted to the Grid League? Well, don’t forget that Noel is going to Regionals! And to send him off, we will have the best, most exciting, super-duper extra fun FUNDRAISER!! On May 16th, we will hang out after the morning classes to raise money for Noel’s trip to Minnesota. What will make this so amazing? How about some of this:

Noel Versus

– Yep. Noel will take on the rest of the trainers in a workout. Has he finally met his match? You will definitely want to see this!

New Shirts!!

– It’s been a long time, but it’s time for a new CFKW shirt! Stay tuned for artwork.

Buy a Pie

– What would you want with a pie? What if you could SMASH it in the face of your favorite trainer?!?!?! A few brave trainers will volunteer and we will auction off the right to be the thrower. This may be the best thing ever, right?

Awesome Food

– As always, we will dish up some delicious food. Feel free to bring some sides and drinks to share.

All proceeds will go to help pay for Noel’s trip, and it will be a TON of fun! Stay tuned for more details!

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.

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