Saturday Schedule

This Saturday, we will have regularly scheduled classes. After, you are welcome to hang out, or go home and clean up. But the festivities will start at noon! Have you already forgotten the awesomeness? Well, then I’m here to remind you!

– Noel Versus: Can Noel take down a team of the rest of the trainers, or has he met his match?

– Membership Raffle: We will raffle off 1 free unlimited month membership! One ticket for a dollar. Six for $5. Or head to toe for $20! If you have a buddy who is taller, you can use them, too.

– Buy a Pie: This may be what I’m most excited for. Will I get hit in the face with a pie? Yes. Will I have a chance to bid on Brett’s pie? Also yes. Definitely worth seeing.

– Great Food: As always, we will have some great food around. Feel free to bring some sides and/or beverages of your own.

Make sure to stop by, because this will be the event of the year!

Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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