American Pharoah

I am not a horse race enthusiast. I have never followed it. Every year, I laugh at the tomfoolery of the Kentucky Derby. Actually, I’ve never even been to a horse race. I’ve seen dog races, but not horse races.

And yet… I LOVE horse races. I believe these horses are born to run and they love racing. I tear up a little when I watch Secretariat or Seabiscuit (it’s ok for men to tear up at horse races and any other sporting event. Tear up during the finale of American Idol, and you lose your Man Card). And I felt the same way when I saw American Pharoah charging down the home stretch of the Belmont Stakes this weekend. A little misty – just to honor the incredible achievement. American Pharoah. Triple Crown Winner. The first since 1978.

Isn’t that incredible? It has been 37 years since a horse has been so dominant. From what I understand – and I don’t understand much of it – the Triple Crown is tough because the three races are varied in distance and run in very close succession. A better endurance horse could skip the shorter Kentucky Derby and Preakness and dominate the long Belmont Stakes. For a horse to win all 3 is pretty incredible.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “How the heck does this relate to CrossFit?” Easy. In CrossFit, we aim to be fit across all time domains. We want to be good at the fast and furious workouts and the long and grueling ones. And we usually succeed, to some degree. But to be the best in the world in a short, medium, and long workout? Unheard of. Even Rich Froning – the most dominant athlete in the history of CrossFit – has never come in first place in every single workout.

That’s how special the Triple Crown is. It is the equivalent of a CrossFitter winning every single event from the Open, through Regionals, and finally at the Games. Absolutely incredible. Congratulations American Pharoah. We will all strive to be as well rounded.

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