CFKW Gal’s Day Out!

I am clearly the wrong person to talk about a Gal’s Day Out. So, I give you…. Martha Mac:

Feel like getting out of the city and getting some sun? Feel like doing a bit of day drinking?
Well, then set aside Tuesday, June 23 for a float trip on the Meramec River with the gals from CFKW.
We are planning a 5-mile float, which should take approximately 3-5 hours, depending on whether you treat it like a rowing WOD or just sip your beer and let the current take you…  There are a few options for floats, but we are encouraging either rafts or innertubes. All options will be available that morning.
We’ll meet in the parking lot of the Oak Bend Library (just behind QuikTrip on Big Bend) at 8:15 that morning to carpool.  It’s an hour drive to Blue Springs Ranch (
Talk amongst yourselves.  Organize a cooler, some lunch, lots of beverages, sunscreen.  And get ready to get a little sunburned and laugh all day long.
Pricing is as follows and payment due upon check in:
$78 — 4 Man Raft
$130 — 6 Man Raft
$224 — 8 Man Raft

$20 — Inner Tube

$10 — Cooler Tube
Add $1.50/person for bus transfer to put-in point.
All rafts are priced for one less than capacity to allow additional space for coolers or other items. If you plan to to fill your boat to capacity, add $26.00/adult.
Let me know if you have any questions, and whether you are interested so we know to expect you that morning.

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