Homework Part 2

In case you already forgot, I gave you some homework last week. You were supposed to think about your weaknesses, and I promised we would come up with a plan.

Here’s Part 2. I want you to think really hard about your weakness. Specifically, I want you to decide, “Do I have PAIN?” And if the answer if yes, then you need to see a medical professional. I know that’s not going to be a popular answer, but it’s the truth. When your body gets to the point that you have PAIN, it’s time for serious help. For example: A couple weeks ago, I felt a pop in my low back and was forced to walk like a 110 year old man for the rest of the day. Maybe it would have gotten better on it’s own, but Dr. Jake got me fixed up in a matter of days.

On the other hand, my knees occasionally ache. I have found that a good regiment of stretching and foam rolling will loosen my legs enough that the ache goes away. Some people feel some tightness in their back. Is this a spinal issue? Maybe. Or maybe they just need some more flexibility in their glutes and hamstrings. In the absence of pain, we can try different mobility techniques to see if they improve. Which brings us to….


Today’s mobility of the day is for those of you with tight shoulders. Hopefully, you’ve done these in class, but I want you to take them home and OWN ’em. Get those shoulders moving well!

Shoulder Mobility #1 Bulletproof Shoulders

Takes less than 5 minutes, once you get the flow down. Does WONDERS for keeping your shoulders healthy.

Shoulder Mobility #2 Dirty Yoga Shoulders

Click here for Monday’s WOD.

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