HOA Recap

The Heart of America Affiliate Team competition is the largest team competition in the US. Forty-two Rx team, eighty-two scaled teams, and seventeen Masters teams spent three days tackling one grueling workout after another. That’s 846 athletes!!! The Springfield Expo Center is pretty huge, but we packed it every day.

Over the years, the competition has gotten tougher and tougher. This year, it sold out in under a second. If you didn’t refresh the page every second, you were out. Luckily, Emily got to compete on her CrossFit alma mater, Iron Wolf CrossFit, and Maren got to compete with our friends at BARx. Over the course of three days, I didn’t get a chance to see much of them, but I managed to snap this pic of Emily working hard.


Congrats to both of them for tackling obstacles all weekend!

Click here for Tuesday’s WOD.

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