“Jason Terry… You Are An Ironman”

As many of you know, Jason Terry has been training for an Ironman. What is an Ironman, you say? Oh, just:

2.4 Mile Swim

112 Mile Bike (but this one was 116 miles!!! What?!?!)

26.2 Mile Run

Completed over the course of several weeks, right? Nope. All at once. Here’s how it shook out for Jason:

2.4 Mile Swim – 57:06

116 Mile Bike – 5:40:41

26.2 Mile Run – 4:12:01 (I had to look it up, but this is 22 seconds faster than the only marathon I’ve ever run. Thanks a lot, Jason)

Add a little transition time, and Jason came in at 11:00:37.

Completing an Ironman is an incredible feat, but Jason finished 174 out of 1099 male athletes. THAT is impressive. Congrats, Jason!

Click here for Thursday’s WOD.

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