Ms. Kristen Roles

You all know Kristen. She is quiet, but thorough in her instruction. Definitely not the typical overbearing personality you see from some high level CrossFitters (Noel… kidding). But wrapped up in that quiet little package is a phenomenal CrossFitter. Last year she came in 49th in the region! She went on to help her team come in 16th place at Regionals.

If that weren’t impressive enough, she is also a registered Dietician. Katie P has worked with Kristen for the last few months, and she has had some impressive results.

I am very happy to say that I am down 20 lbs, 12 ins, and 11.28% body fat since starting with Kristen on May 8th.  She has been so knowledgeable on what foods I should eat for my workouts and non-workout days. The food plans are very easy to follow and I have been completely satisfied with the food. I don’t feel hungry or deprived and I have been happy with the results so far!  I will also say that I have noticed that I don’t feel worn out or run down since starting the plan, so the portions and amount of food have been spot on for energy.

Kristen does meal planning based on your specific needs. No more, “What should we have for dinner?” Kristen gives you the plan of everything you need. Check out her info here and give her a try. She will definitely get your nutrition in check.

Click here for Wednesday’s WOD.

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