Dr. Jake in the House – Saturday 2/27

DSC_0030You all know this guy. He’s one of our most dedicated members. You can find him in almost every 6:30 class. The fact that he’s ridiculously strong isn’t surprising, but he’s also got some awesome toes to bar, and he’s a pretty fast runner. Jake is an all-around great athlete.

You also probably know that Jake is a chiropractor. His practice is Kirkwood Spine and Rehab located at 140 West Adams Ave. Last year, I hurt my back a week before my first powerlifting meet. I couldn’t even stand up straight. If you saw me, you know how bad it was. In a last ditch effort, I asked Jake if he could help. I saw him 3 times over the next week. And? I competed, pain free, came in 1st place in my weight class, and qualified for nationals. So, yeah. I’m a believer.

You know that nagging pain you have in your back? Or maybe a shoulder that’s not feeling quite right? Jake can help. AND he’s going to come to us! This Saturday, Jake will treat CFKW athletes between the 730 and 845 class. Fill out a brief form, pay $25, and you’ll be set. Let us know what you think, and we may make this a regular thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m EXCITED!! Line starts behind me, folks!

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