The Bar MU

DSC_0704You all probably know Emily. She’s the one on the right. She’s always bouncing around the gym and climbing on everything in sight.

She works incredibly hard in the gym and is always there to cheer you on.

For the last year, she has worked on her ring muscle ups, and has gotten pretty good at them. So, you can understand how she probably felt when Bar Muscle Ups came up, instead of ring muscle ups.

On Saturday, she came in, did 10 snatches and tried for 6 minutes to get a bar muscle up. Then, she did 10 more snatches and tried for another 6 minutes. She may have tried another time. No go. Major bummer. Yesterday, she showed up with hands already torn up and tried again. She did 10 snatches ant tried for 6 minutes. Nope.

She spent the next 2 hours running bar MU drills and taping her bloody hands. BTW – I don’t really understand how people can still hold onto the bar with bloody hands. It is both impressive and a little gross.

After 2 hours of unsuccessful bar MU attempts, we again set the clock for 7 minutes and went for it. After 10 easy snatches, Emily jumped up and MADE HER FIRST BAR MU!!!!!!!!!!! It is one of the most exciting moments in my 8 years of CrossFit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone so determined. I practically threw my clipboard in the air to celebrate. No one deserved that rep more than she did.

She went on to record 2 more bar MU. I think she probably lost around 2 pints of blood in the process, but I’m sure it was worth it. Congrats, Emily. It was truly inspiring to watch you work your way to an impressive 23 on 16.3.

Here is her final bar MU:


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