Workout 16.5 (aka 14.5)

I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the strategy podcast with Noel and Kristen!! Unfortunately, they are both tied up this morning. Boo for adult responsibilities. So, here is your 16.5 strategy from the mind of… well, me.

Open Workout 16.5 is a repeat of Open Workout 14.5.


Thruster 95/65

Bar Facing Burpee

On paper, this one doesn’t look too bad. We’ve done plenty of 21-15-9s with thrusters and/or burpees. This is only a little more, right? Wrong. 21-15-9 is 45 reps. This is 84. EIGHTY FOUR!!! Almost double the reps. Take it slow from the start, or you will burn out before you hit the 15s.


The key is to find a pace in the beginning of the workout that you can maintain throughout the entire workout. Don’t go unbroken on the 21s but break the 12s into 4 sets. Take short planned breaks.

Thrusters Sets

I would break the thrusters from the beginning. Mentally, I always like descending sets. It just makes it easier to get back on the bar. I plan to break them like this:

  • 21 – 12/9
  • 18 – 10/8
  • 15 – 9/6
  • 12 – 8/4 (maybe unbroken)
  • 9, 6, 3 – Unbroken

I happen to be pretty good at thrusters. I’m short and have short arms. If thrusters are not your favorite, I would break the thrusters up even more.

  • 21 – 8/7/6
  • 18 – 7/6/5
  • 15 – 6/5/4
  • 12 – 5/4/3
  • 9 – 5/4
  • 6, 3 – Unbroken

Thruster Hand Position

Personally, I favor the thumb under grip for thrusters, instead of wrapping it around. It allows me to get more of my hand on the bar and allows the bar to sit on my shoulders more comfortably. If it makes you too nervous, skip this step.

Thruster Tempo

Try to take a short rest at the top of your thruster. It will slow the pace and keep you from blowing up in the later rounds. I love watching this video. Watch how slow and controlled Froning looks. He starts slow and maintains the whole way.


The burpees need to be the rest for this workout. That’s not an easy task. Step in and out. Don’t jump from 2′ behind the bar. Step up to the bar and take an easy hop over. I like to stand all the way up and breath. Staying low, hopping over, and spinning in mid air taxes my breathing too much. Halfway through the 18s, I’d have to step back and rest. Slow down and try to control your breathing.

Last note: Whenever I think about a workout, I think about a scene from Days of Thunder. You may want to go out fast and just try to hang out, but you’ll be faster if you are slow and controlled.

My way was 6 seconds faster.

Best of luck, gang!

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