The Long Haul

Before I start, I have to give a special thanks to Tim Layton from Barx CrossFit. About a month ago, he shared a store that I really appreciated. Most people are looking for a quick fix. We’ve all been guilty of it. We want to see 6-pack abs in less than a month. We want to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks. We want results NOW!!

Sometimes, this can be a great way to kick start a healthy, new lifestyle. The problem arises when we become dependent on these fad diets, these quick fixes. We look great for a time, and then the weight comes back, along with our bad habits.

Instead, we have to focus on the long game. Healthy habits that are sustainable. That’s where we will see results. Tim was awesome enough to share his last year of weigh ins. Check this out:

Tim LaytonIt takes a minute of examination, but you can see that Tim saw many ups and downs. It would be easy to get frustrated at a dozen different points in this journey. But he trusted the plan, and stayed the course. And the results are amazing! Whatever program you choose, get on board long term. Slow, steady progress tends to be much more sustainable than dramatic quick fixes.

Thanks for sharing your story, Tim. Follow Tim on Instagram @laytonta83, or follow

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