Time to Deadlift


For the past 16 weeks, we have been working a pretty tough deadlift program. Actually, that may not be accurate. We have been working a ridiculously tough deadlift program. If you have been consistent with the work, then you are poised for an awesome PR! Even if you’ve only made half of the days, you could very well be on your way for a nice little PR.

You may have noticed that our 2 1/2 x BW Deadlift board has magically transformed into a 2 x BW deadlift board. Why is that? Because a 2 x BW deadlift is something to celebrate! Let’s say that you weigh 150 lbs. If you deadlift 300 lbs, I’m prepared to break out the confetti and noise makers.

So, do the math. And lift the weight. I want to see a TON of names on that board!

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