Give the Gift of Health and Fitness (to a friend or yourself)!

You’ve been thinking about trying CrossFit, but something is holding you back. Maybe you think it will be too hard. Maybe you think it’s too dangerous. Maybe you think you’re too old or too out of shape. I promise you that NONE of that is true!

At CrossFit Kirkwood, we have clients of all fitness and skill levels and 18-60 years old. Our intro sessions are designed to teach you to safely perform the movements we use on a regular basis. After just three sessions, you will be able to confidently participate in regular classes where workouts are designed to equally challenge the highest level athlete and the newest client.

These sessions would normally cost $160, but we are offering them for just $50! This is the perfect chance to jump start your New Years Resolution! Classes will take place on December 26, 28, and 30th. There will be a morning session at 8 am and an afternoon session at 430 pm.

For more information, email

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