A New Challenge

Yep. It’s 12:01 on January 1st. (No, I am not sitting at my computer waiting to post this.) You all did an AWESOME job on the December challenge! I know it wasn’t easy, but it was great to see some renewed dedication for the month. We will draw the winner at the gym party on January 14th. If you’re not present, we’ll just add the money to the bar tab (kidding!!).

So, what’s next? I’d like to take the next couple of weeks to look at our eating habits and identify places we could do better. The first step of that process is to get a real idea of how we are eating. Most of us think we do a pretty good job, but if we could really take a look, we may see some bad habits.

This week, I want everyone to keep a food journal. I want you to write down every single thing that you eat. Put it in your bullet journal, or Erin Condren, or whatever. Use the notepad app on your phone, or write it in sharpie on your arm. But WRITE IT DOWN! For most of you, the simple act of writing it down and reviewing it will be enough. If you’re looking for some outside input, ask your favorite trainer if they’d mind taking a quick look.

This is the beginning. Stay tuned for more information over the next couple of weeks. Welcome to 2017!!

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