Hand Care


Calluses form to protect the skin from pressure and friction. For CrossFitters, they show up on our hands. We hold onto barbells, kettlebells, row machine handles, and pullup bars for thousands of reps on a WEEKLY basis. Our hands take quite a beating and do all they can to protect themselves. This is all well and good, but our calluses often become too thick, too dry, and very hard. That’s when you get this:


Interestingly, this photo was taken right BEFORE this athlete got her first, second, and third bar MU in last year’s Open. Any guesses who this might be?

Yikes!! Rips and tears hurt and hinder our ability to workout. And did I mention that they HURT?!?! So, how do you avoid this?

I’m old school, and this is how we learned:


If you don’t want to watch the video, I cut the calluses off with a tiny pair of scissors (mine is on my Swiss Army Knife) and I sand my hands down with a Dremel. Problem solved.

These days, people tend to prefer this method:

Callus shaver and emory board. Yeah. That does the trick, too.

If you are unfortunate enough to tear, you want to get back to action as soon as possible. Try RipFix. My experience tells me that it helps my wounds heal faster and keeps calluses softer to prevent rips in the first place. During workouts, you can protect your hands using this method:

Take care of your hands, folks!!! It’s pretty hard to PR your clean with a big hole in your hand.

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