Programming – Week of 4/10

This week, I started listening to the Icon Athlete Podcast. If you’re not familiar, Icon Athlete is a program run by Chris Spealler, one of the most widely respected CrossFitters in the business. Chris is a 7 times CrossFit Games competitor, Spirit of the Games winner, and often considered the people’s champion. In the very first episode, Chris talks to Pat Sherwood, a CrossFit celebrity in his own right.

When asked, “How do I get better at CrossFit?” Their answer is perfect. “Do CrossFit.”

So many people want to do a strength cycle, or a gymnastics cycle, or a weightlifting cycle. All while ignoring conventional CrossFit. Yeah, that will make you strong, but not very good at CrossFit. If you’re a veteran, you probably already know this. But if you’re new, you’ve definitely considered a 16 week squat cycle or something like that. Just stay the course. The best way to get better at CrossFit is to do CrossFit. Find a good gym, and trust the program.

Click here for this week’s workouts.

Click here for this week’s barbell work.

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