Max Out Week!

Welcome to Max Out Week!! This week, we will test our Back Squat, Clean, Bench Press, OHS, pullup, pushup, ring dip, T2B, Deadlift, Front Squat, Snatch, and Clean and Jerk! Even if you don’t typically keep track of your lifts, this would be a good time to jot some numbers down. If you don’t have a packet, let me know. Also, if you’re looking for a good app to track your numbers, I recommend SugarWOD. Give it a try!

Hopefully, your training, sleep, and nutrition are all on point, and you get a bunch of PRs. One question you may have is, “How do I work up to a 1RM?”

That’s an excellent question, with a tricky answer. Everyone is a little different, and there is no exact science behind how to work up to a max load. If you are an experienced athlete, you should know whether you do better with more or fewer warm up sets. If you are newer, I would error on the side of more warm up sets.

Here’s a pretty good guideline, no matter where you’re at.

Go forth and hit some PRs!!!

Click here for this week’s programming.

Click here for this week’s barbell work.

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