Week of 7/31

Health vs. Performance

Read the following sentence and think about whether you agree or disagree.

The healthier I am, the better I will perform.

Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Think about Lance Armstrong illegally using EPO. Maybe you don’t know the specific, but Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France an amazing 7 times – with the help of a dangerous hormone. He was a dominant force in the sport, but he also put himself at risk for stroke and heart disease, among many other side effects.

Or what about steroids? Definitely a way to get super jacked, but you could end up with a nasty case of roid rage. I Googled a few examples, but that stuff is too scary to think about. Can we all agree that there are some terrible side effects associated with steroid use? Good. Glad we can still be friends.

So, what’s the point of this? Well, many of you are about week into a Whole 30 challenge. You might be feeling more tired and less strong than usual. Maybe your workout times are slower. Maybe your lifts are down. Maybe you’re thinking that Whole 30 is not for you.

Before you jump off the Paleo Bandwagon, ask yourself these questions. Are you clothes fitting looser? Is your skin clearer? Are you sleeping better? Is your digestion better? (Gross, I know, but it’s important) Hopefully, some of these things are true. If not, hang in there. You’ll feel those results before the 30 days are up. Maybe you’ll add 10-15 seconds to your workout times. Is that a reasonable trade off for living a longer, healthier life? That’s up to you.

Click here for this week’s workouts.

Click here for this week’s barbell work.

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