Welcome to 2018!!

I don’t know about you, but 2017 FLEW by for me! The fact that it’s the last day of the year is crazy. Personally, I LOVE the new year. Not the partying until midnight (ew). Just the thought of a new year. A clean slate. A fresh start. Goals from last year? I achieved some of them and some got lost in the mix. Now, it’s time to set some new goals!

In years past, this has been tough. What goals are important to me? What numbers are reasonable? How much improvement can I actually make? This year, we wanted to give you a little more guidance. This year, we have the CrossFit Kirkwood Levels!

Levels – KW

What is this? It’s just a guide to help you identify areas where you could improve. Being a Level 3 athlete does NOT get you preferential parking or a private bathroom. The purpose of this is to give you some concrete goals. Maybe you are SUPER strong, but could improve your cardio. Or vice versa. That will be apparent. Strive to complete all of the skills for a level, and you will be a very well rounded athlete. These can be completed at any time, as long as a trainer is present. Copies will be at the gym for your packets. Go get ’em, gang!!

Click here for this week’s workouts.

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