Week of 1/29

As most of you probably know, Emily has taken a travel nursing job in Las Vegas! We’re all going to miss her, but we’re happy she gets such a cool opportunity. I asked her to send me a little write up (with specific instructions to make sure it wasn’t too sappy). So, without further adieu:

For those of you that haven’t yet heard, I have accepted a position for travel nursing in Las Vegas! I leave the weekend of February 10th, and I’ll be there for 13 weeks. I’m sad to go and leave everyone at CFKW, but I’m also so excited for new opportunities in the future! This is a pretty big step in my career that I’ve been thinking about doing pretty much since I graduated a couple of years ago. 

My move back to St. Louis after school was a little bittersweet. I hadn’t gotten a job out of state like I had wanted, but my family was all here and old friends as well. Looking for a good gym was definitely a priority, and I tried quite a few before I found a good fit. I remember my first weeks at Crossfit Kirkwood, and I never felt out of place as a new member. From the very beginning everyone was so welcoming, and I’m so grateful for all the relationships that I’ve developed with everyone over the years. I can’t imagine training at any other place.
I also want to thank everyone for welcoming me as a coach when I first got my Level 1 certification. I was SO nervous when I started! But you guys made it easy, and I look forward to each class that I get to coach at the gym. I’m going to miss that. 
This isn’t goodbye forever! As of right now future plans are up in the air, so I don’t know where I’ll be come May, but I’ll for sure be back to visit! I know I’ll always have a home at Crossfit Kirkwood, and I’ll miss everyone a bunch. Thanks for all the wonderful memories! 


Click here for this week’s programming.


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