Biggest Loser – Week 1 Update

Sounds like you’re all off to a great start!

Here are the current standings after week 1:
1st place:  Brett with 4.8%  loss (Team Brooke)
2nd place:  Kevin Putney with 4.07 % loss. (Team Jeff)
3rd place: Al with 2.7% loss (Team Jeff)
Team pounds lost:
Team Jeff:  23
Team Brooke: 25.99
Several folks on both teams haven’t submitted scores. Make sure to get your weight in to help your team!
Brett wins week 1, but can he keep it going? I guess we’ll see. Also, I got word from Jeff that the top female loser and the top male loser will each win a free month membership! How’s that for some extra motivation?!?!
Had we started this competition a couple months ago, I know exactly who would be winning. You’ve probably noticed that Dr. Jake has been looking extra svelte! Which probably makes you wonder, “What the heck has he been doing?” So, we asked him.
Here is a little info on the recent weight loss program I finished up. Back in September, I started a 42 day program called ChiroThin. I have lost 30 lbs, and it was the easiest plan I have ever completed. It consists of drops you take 3 times a day and a restrictive clean diet. If anyone at the gym is serious about losing 20 plus pounds, I highly recommend it. I also have a 9 day program for people that only want to lose 7-10 pounds. The 42 day program normally costs $500 but I would offer to CF folks for $400 and the 9 day is $200.  The 2 links below offer information on the program.

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